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Wellness Videos

Here are some informative videos on the science behind why we need to take supplements, what types
of supplements are best, and how our diet affects our absorption of these supplements.

Summary: Dr Wallach speaks about the causes of chronic illnesses, and why you should fire your doctor.

Summary: Dr Glidden discusses how cholesterol is a necessary component of human biology.

Summary: Vegetarianism, gluten Intolerance, bad Fats and oils, and nutrient deficiencies.

Summary: The effects of gluten on the digestive tract, and the problems that occur from it.

Summary: Richard “Dr. Dirt” Renton oversees quality control issues for Youngevity products.

Summary: Todd Smith explains how Dr. Wallach founded Youngevity and all that went into it.

Summary: Dr. Wallach discusses natural alternatives to medication for children with ADD, ADHD, and Autism.

Summary: (En Español) Dr. Wallach cubre las causas de la enfermedad, y por qué no confiar en su médico.

Summary: Dr. Wallach and Theo Ratliff talk about the importance of supplementation when exercising.

Summary: Dr. Wallach talks about the causes, prevention and cure of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Summary: Why taking heartburn medicine/antacids are counterproductive and damaging to your digestive process.

Summary: Dr. Glidden explains the reason we gain weight and why our bodies keep telling us to eat.

Summary: Dr. Glidden discusses the failures of modern medicine and the successes of science-based nutrition.